Security Services

KSI SAG provides relevant and accurate security know how and feedback to improve your company security posture.
Our mission is to assist your company leverage sales and marketing positioning through strong security regiment to clients.

Thorough and Secure Process

All of our service are thorough, ensuring all risks are properly reviewed while putting client information confidentiality as utmost importance.

Reliable and Accountable Team

Our team consist of professionals who are experts in their chosen field who have more than minimum seven years experience.
Our company is legally registered in Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights (KEMENKUMHAM) and operate nationwide in Indonesia.

About Us

KSI SAG have combination of local know how of security landscape in Indonesia and international standards, hence emphasize the importance of practical global-local security knowledge.

Our operators and advisors have extensive experience on operate in Indonesia business and security landscape with valuable networks on various elements in Government, Military, Law Enforcement, Business communities and Civil Societies that will be beneficial for your company.

We emphasize the importance of low key and confidentiality approach in delivering our services to the client.

Our experience of work and collaboration with national and international companies, embassies/consulates and private entities will ensure your company or personal interest will be achieved in professional way.

Threat & Vulnerability Assessment (TVA)

Our TVA advisors will address various risks of your company/private installation with focus on Physical Security, Security Managemement System, Security Personnel, Security Training & Testing, Hostile Surveillance Disruption, Perimeter Security, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and Blast Resilience, Parking Security, Building Access Control, Internal Security Measure, Information Security, CCTV system and Crisis Management.
Your installation will have window time to address findings to be later verified by our advisors. Once all findings are addressed and completed, your company will be awarded Certificate of Acknowledgement from KSI SAG that will function as sales & marketing value to assist boost your company’s chances of winning business.

Executive Protection (EP)

Our EP operators consist of Indonesian and Expat operators, can be armed or unarmed.

All are highly trained, certified EPs and have proven track records who always operate discreetly and profesionally to ensure client’s security and safety nationwide in Indonesia.

Our EP operators can also operate as shadow protection service if you want more discreet and low key approach.

Asset and Event Protection (AEP)

We have security team that different from conventional security service.

Our AEP team is combination of active duty and ex-military operators who are highly trained and can undertake security work even on extreme situation and condition.

We are capable of securing either static or moving asset, with high level of agility and expertise.

VIP Airport Handling

We have asset at airports nationwide in Indonesia to ensure your VIP clients directly picked up on the airport tarmac and swiftly escorted out bypassing immigration and customs.

All paperworks handled separately and discreetly to ensure hassle free experience.

Access to VIP lounge also available based on your VIP clients request.

Private Investigation / Background Check

We have asset at Law Enforcement Agencies that can assist you in conducting background check to person, organization or other entities.

We also able to deploy our asset to conduct private investigation / folllowing the target to monitor movements and report on activities.

Shooting Range Training (Indonesian nationals only)

Our assets at Indonesia military and law enforcements will assist to provide firearms handling and shooting training at various military bases and shooting ranges.

Weapon of choice are primarily wide selection of Indonesian made firearms by PT. Pindad such as P1/P2/G2 combat pistols, SS1/SS2 assault rifles, etc.

Contact Us

For further details and price quotes for our services, please contact:

KSI Security Advisory Group

Address: PT. Kevlar Serbu Indonesia Conclave Simatupang, Kawasan Komersial Cilandak No. 410 Jl. Cilandak, Pasar Minggu, 12560 Jakarta, Indonesia

Telp: +6281398614977

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